Web Extensions Development Workshop



On Saturday, 24th March 2018 a workshop on “Web Extensions Development” (sponsored by .tech) was organized for all the 1st year & 2nd year students by the
Mozilla Phoenix Club, JUET to familiarize them with all the basic concepts of Web extension development and add-ons and topic like HTML, CSS, JS and json were covered during the workshop. Looking from the future prospectus the attendees were also briefed about different domains where students can participate and contribute to Mozilla and how it will benefit them for their career.

The workshop was held at LT-1 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, 24thMarch, 2018.
Mr Kushagra Varade, Mozilla Rep (Software Engineer, RobusTest) was the key resource person for this workshop. The students were given a brief introduction about the web extensions, its advantages and how web extensions are making tasks easier on the browsers. Further, they were introduced to different contribution areas in Mozilla where technical, as well as non-technical students, can start contributing and get recognition for their contribution. Students not only learned but also done the hands-on session on the development of web extensions. The total number of attendees was 110.

At the end of the workshop, Mozilla swags, .tech stickers and 1yr free domains coupon code from .tech was given to every attendee.


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Server Scripting: PHP workshop



This Blog is about the Server Scripting: PHP workshop sponsored by .tech domains organized by Mozilla Phoenix Club JUET. This workshop was organized on 7th & 8th March 2018. This workshop was conducted by the technical coordinator of the club- Sushant Singh. The strength of the attendees were 55.

On the first day, the workshop started with the introduction of the front-end and back-end development then PHP and where it is used. Basic Introduction to HTML CSS and JS was given. XAMPP setup was floated among the attendees and they were guided step by step on how to install XAMPP and Setup localhost. After setting-up localhost they were taught how to create a simple PHP file and open it in browser using localhost.

The second day, sushant taught attendees how to create form using front-end and PHP. after every attendee created their own form they were given a brief introduction to MySQL and how data is stored in sql. They were taught how to generate Hash using different algorithms using PHP and they were taught how to save password in a more secure way using PHP. At last, .tech stickers were distributed among the attendees and also the coupon code to redeem their 1 year free domains from .tech .

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