Python Workshop(3 days)



This Blog is about the three days Python workshop organized by Mozilla Phoenix Club JUET. This workshop was organizedĀ for continuous three days i.e 7th, 8th, and 9th December 2017.

On the first day, Rituraj and Ritikraj taught students basics of Python programming which includes syntax, iteration, functions etc. This workshop was very interactive as easy syntax of Python attracted interest of student. At the end of the workshop, students were given some programs as a task to proceed the workshop on next day.

On the second day, first few minutes were spent on the revision of first day’s workshop and doubts of students were cleared which were not able to do task programs at home. Abhishek and Vaibhav then taught how to create GUI using Python(tkinter). according to feedback from the students, creating GUI so easily using Python was the part of this three days workshop.

On the last day, Shushant covered the topic networking which was very interactive and his examples which made it much easier for students to understand were quite interesting. Then Shrey taught the topic API’s which was a lot new term for the students but the most important topic. Shrey taught them how to use API in web apps and other applications.


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More Photos of Day 1

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and last a photograph of the Club after the success of 3 days Python Workshop šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚



Hour of Code at Jay Jyoti School



This event was organized by Mozilla Phoenix Club JUET at Jay Jyoti School, Rahogarh(Guna, M.P). TheĀ Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week andĀ reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. Students of classes from 9th to 12 took part in this event. The event started by giving a brief intro to Mozilla, Mozilla Campus Club and Open Source then they were shown a video on how coding is changing the world and daily lives of people. At last, they were taught some fun programming and how to write hello world programs on C, CPP, and Python.

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War For Treasor



This blog post is about the fun event organized by Mozilla Phoenix Club JUET on 28 September 2017. It was an online event based on the technical question. In this event, we(Me and Shrey Gupta) created a portal using html, CSS, PHP, and SQL and hosted the portal in university’s server(as the event was limited to university’s student’s only). The event was started on 28th’s night around 9 p.m and it ended on 29th’s morning at 9 a.m. whole club was excited about this event as this was our first event after the orientation session of the club. We got a large number of participants(210) from the students and enthusiasm and excitement was increasing among the students with the increasing number of solved questions. At last, there was the only student who reached the last question first and he was awarded with the cash prize.

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